On request, we offer antibacterial treatment of lighting fixtures. This involves applying an antibacterial layer to the agreed surfaces of the luminaire.

The active layer of nanotechnology effectively decomposes all organic substances such as bacteria, viruses, mold or volatile organic compounds (eg benzene, toluene), absorbs odors, smog and cigarette smoke. In addition, the surface structure facilitates maintenance and decontamination of treated surfaces.

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On request, we offer modification of luminaires (M598 and M623) designed for metal ceilings in a modification for a click systems.

The classic fixing of the luminaires in the ceiling is by steel holders. In the case of the Clip-in modification, the luminaires snap into the ceiling in the same way as the ceiling cassettes.

In case of interest, it is necessary to supply the exact specification of the ceiling, preferably with a sample of the cassette and the latch profile.

Atypical design

As one of the few manufacturers of luminaires we offer the possibility of producing atypical luminaires even in smaller series. Most often, it is necessary to adjust the dimensions and shapes of the luminaires into the ceiling because there are a large number of manufacturers of ceiling systems on the market and not everyone adapts to the standard dimensions of the luminaires.

Luminaires in atypical dimensions will be produced according to your sketch or drawing or send us the type of ceiling and we will adjust the size of our luminaire.


We are able to adapt the luminaires for connection to the air conditioning system. This requirement arises mostly in designing offices where there is no space for separate air outlets in the ceiling, or there is no aesthetic need to be there. There are several ways to solve the problem.

The easiest is to add holes in the back of the luminaire and allow the air to flow through the louvre. Alternatively, the air holes can be drawn along the lamp outside of the optical section.

An advanced option is the construction of luminaire with circular tube fitting for air ducts.

Access from the top

Access to the luminiare from the top above the ceiling is required mostly in clean rooms where it is impossible to service the luminaires normally from the room. This option is available on request for most luminaires for false ceilings . Prior to ordering, any technical requirements should be consulted.


For cases where fluorescent lamps are still in good condition or recently installed, we offer a practical LED retrofits to save the cost of lighting. This is a steel sheet reinforced base with magnets on the underside. On the top side are replaceable LED panels together with ballast and terminal block for connection. Retrofit is simply installed in the fluorescent lamp by simply plugging it in with the magnets and by connecting it to the original terminal strip of the luminaire.

Dimensions of retrofit are adjusted according to the original luminaires and we also try to place the terminal block in the most suitable place for easy connection.

The Best Clean and LOS + GLASS luminaires can be manufactured with an optical grid that allows you to change the light characteristics – they tilt to the sides.

By tilting the individual grids in the luminaire, you can change the light characteristics of the luminaire to better illuminate places that would otherwise remain poorly illuminated. It is mainly used in operating rooms where the luminaire can not be directly above the table.

If you are interested in this adjustment, please contact us to arrange details.

In some cases, it is beneficial to be able to tune white light with coloured light. 

Luminaires with LED RGBW modules (i.e. red, green, blue, and white) can be used for instance in operating theatres – mainly for two reasons: the first reason is the doctor’s capacity of discernment and the second reason is the patient him/ herself and the light mood in the room where the examination takes place. 

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TW - Tunable White


Tunable White is a concept that allows you to change the color temperature of white light and thus support a person’s natural biorhythms.

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Pro-cognitive luminaires In our offer you can also find Pro-cognitive luminaires – luminaires whose light naturally influences the circadian rhythms of humans Description of
Pro-cognitive lights (LEDs used):

 The luminaires use new LEDs that have an increased emission in the 480 nm region to increase concentration and positively adjust the circadian rhythms of people living in environments illuminated by these luminaires.

Graph of radiation of used LEDs

Graph the emission of standard LEDs

Thanks to the LEDs used, melatonin levels are increased by up to 23% (increasing concentration and adjusting circadian rhythms).
The luminaire output is > 95 lm/W for the opal covers and > 100 lm/W for the classroom grid luminaires.

Pro-cognitive luminaires:

Manufacturing options for luminaires that affect human circadian rhythms (adjust the human “internal clock”)
The following chromaticity temperatures (colour tone of light) can be selected when ordering
3000K (warm white – orange), 3500K, 4000K (normal white), 5000K, 5700K, 6500 (cool white – blue).
Rendering index Ra > 80 (in accordance with the requirements of EN 12464-1 Light and Lighting…)

Relax luminaires

In addition to pro-cognitive luminaires, we also offer luminaires that do not affect the circadian rhythms of humans. These are luminaires in which LEDs with a suppressed blue component are used. These luminaires are suitable for areas where the light is on
in the evening and we do not want to “wake people up” (“night luminaires”).

For these luminaires it is possible to select the following chromaticity temperature options. 1800K (orange), 2200K, 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, 4000K (normal white).